UPS saved 3 Million Gallons of Gas – By Not Turning Left

The Hypothesis: Tiny improvements in the efficiency, especially when you operate a gigantic fleet of vehicles, translate to huge savings overall — this led U.P.S. to believe that they should reduce the number of left-hand turns its drivers make as sitting in the left lane, engine idling, waiting for oncoming traffic to clear so you can make a left-hand turn, is minutely wasteful — of time and peace of mind, for sure, but also of gas and therefore money.

The Solution: Mapping out routes for all its drivers, drastically reducing the number of left-hand turns they make.

The Result: UPS shaved 28.5 million miles off its delivery routes, which has resulted in savings of roughly three million gallons of gas and has reduced CO2 emissions by 31,000 metric tons.

What can Brown do for you?

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