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Can Maps be Interesting?

Since its debut, Google’s “Street View” feature for online maps has been getting a lot of press coverage. The high-resolution photos, provides the user the ability to digitally stroll down the street, take a 360-degree look around an intersection and point out a landmark.

However there are many interesting sites that deal with Maps. Several sites compile the many webcams positioned around the globe. The best is

Other interesting maps include:

  • The blog brings together bizarre and fascinating maps. A recent addition is a map of the U.S. in which the states have been renamed to countries with a similar Gross Domestic Product
  • A strong passion for geography is felt at, a blog that links to maps of all kinds
  • The opposite feeling can be found at, which charts the “worst places in the world”
  • One of the most fascinating maps online is Created by artist David Bleja, it simulates the global rates of birth, death and carbon dioxide emission

Article by: Web maps run gamut, by Jake Coyle (AP)

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