The story of a childhood friend and the Karmic Jacket

Does Karma really exist? – I often wonder if what goes around comes around or are we just living in a world of coincidences. Here is one such tiny story that makes you question the nature of things.

It all began in 2005 when a friend, who was visiting for the weekend, and I were off to explore San Francisco on a sunny afternoon. We stopped by the GAP at fisherman’s wharf and as an impulse buy bought the same grey jacket that was on sale.

Years passed and I had given mine away to a poor panhandler who stood outside my office – the sleeves were a little bit longer and I had decided he would put it to better use. I had not given the issue a second thought until recently.

This long weekend, while I was visiting Los Angeles – I didn’t have a jacket as I had anticipated a warmer weather. My friend instinctively lent me a jacket that he had at the back of his closet – later that night he decided that it looked better on me and since he hadn’t worn it enough I should keep it. I protested, he insisted .. and finally I gave in.

As you must have guessed, it was the exact replica of the jacket I had given away (we had purchased them together, 3 years ago) – this did not occur to either of us until later in the week when suddenly it all came back to me. Perhaps this was the worlds way of adjusting itself – I had given away my jacket without a second thought – and through my friend’s kindness the world had thanked me back with an unmistakable gesture.

Karma, had paid its dues by this one kind gesture.

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