.. Zimbabwe’s "Desire of Ages" Junk Art ..

The African Art Scene has always had a vibrant and poetic vibe associated with it. Today I came across some interesting sculptures from Zimbabwe (Southern Africa) on this BBC link. The exhibition, entitled Desires of Ages, is about “a man’s search at any time, within any belief system, for truth about the after-life”.

Disco lights (Source: BBC News)

Disco Lights: After the man has emerged from the grave, he bends over to see an angel, whose wings are made from rusting old car doors. Embedded in the wings of the angel, hanging from the wall, are yellow, red and green disco lights.

Lamentation (Source: BBC News)

Lamentation: Taurai Gondo’s wire and wood Lamentations speaks of suffering, with a caged figure looking up for inspiration. The work speaks of interaction between the living and the dead, a current theme in Zimbabwe.

Zimbabwe is renowned for its stone sculpture, but a new wave of urban art made from thrown-away objects is emerging, which often reflects the difficult times the country is facing. The new exhibition shows how skills long used to make toys from old junk have now graduated into a fully-fledged art form.

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