Le Tour du Faso, Burkina Faso

Christophe Ena/AP

BBC NEWS: Sierra Leone's Mohamed Thorley rides past spectators during the third stage of the 22nd Tour du Faso, a major African cycling event, which has been taking place in Burkina Faso this week. Photo: Christophe Ena/AP

What’s fascinating about this contest is that twelve of the 18 national teams are from the continent and the race is run by the organizers of the Tour de France. Oh, and in case you are wondering Burkinabes have won 10 of the past 19 Tours.

More than 100 cyclists from around the world are pedaling their why across Burkina Faso this week in the 20th annual Tour de Faso. Burkinabes are passionate for the event.

In the capital Ouagadougou, police try to hold back excited crowds as cyclists enter the city.

After the races speed by, one spectator says it was a thrill to see the caravan. He says he was not able to catch it on television, so he went to see it in person.

The Tour de Faso is Africa’s premier cycling event.

source: Cyclists Converge on Burkina Faso for Tour de Faso Competition

The Stages

* Stage 1 – October 24: Kokologo – Boromo, 136km
* Stage 2 – October 25: Boromo – Diebougou, 133km
* Stage 3 – October 26: Bobo-Dioulasso – Bobo-Dioulasso, 121km
* Stage 4 – October 27: Bobo-Dioulasso – Banfora, 83.5km
* Stage 5 – October 28: Bobo-Dioulasso – Houndé, 92.5km
* Stage 6 – October 29: Laye – Ouahigouya, 152km
* Stage 7 – October 30: Yako – Ziniaré, 152km
* Stage 8 – October 31: Koulbila – Tenkodogo, 149km
* Stage 9 – November 1: Tenkodogo – Fada N’Gourma, 124km
* Stage 10 – November 2: Kombissiri – Ouagadougou, 86.5km

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4 responses to “Le Tour du Faso, Burkina Faso

  1. Gump

    How do I sponsor an American team?

  2. An American team in the heart of an African Race would be much welcomed — the Tour du Faso is organized by the same folks who manage the Tour De France. Here is a sneak peak at their website.


  3. hi
    good luck

  4. hi
    good luck

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