Kenyan marks 10 years since the US Embassy attack

Rescuers working after the American Embassy in Kenya was bombed on Aug. 7, 1998

NYTimes: Rescuers working after the American Embassy in Kenya was bombed on Aug. 7, 1998

On this day, August 7th 1998 – hundreds of innocent lives were lost and thousands more ruined in a senseless twin attack on the US embassies in Kenya and Tanzania. Hatred had reared its ugly head in the streets of these beautiful African cities. Nairobi’s streets, once famous their beautiful carpet of purple Jacaranda flowers were now littered with glass and debris.

Its fair to say that many dreams had once gained flight outside this building,  including my own. A month before the incident, I had huddled outside its doors with a dozen hopeful applicants – never would we have imagined such a fate.

On this day we remember those who were lost to this senseless tragedy; we remember those who stepped up in our time of need; those who helped rebuild shattered lives; and we recognize the need for peaceful co-existence — but most of all we recognize that the spirit of a nation may have been shaken but can never be shattered.

Peace to the world.


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10 responses to “Kenyan marks 10 years since the US Embassy attack

  1. Siani Medlock

    hello i am siani, i am a big fan of kenya’s i am doing a project on them at the moment in science, well its less of a project more corse work really, wella cctually i don’t know to be hoenst it could be either, but anyway back to the point i like kenya, so, there is one boy in my class trhat isn’t such a big fan of kenya he’s a bit of an idiot really. well.
    thanks for being there

  2. Trixie Plested

    I agree with siani thankyou for being there fo rme kenya. in geography you have helped me learn alot about medc countrys.
    hope you get better soon 🙂

  3. Siani Medlock

    yea trixie is right Kenya is really cool, well less cool more hot but cool as in funky
    argh i just said funky
    i have embarassed my self on the enternet

  4. Trixie Plested

    Funky i like it. i wonder were you are in the world siani its weird you could live in the hous enext to me 😉
    complete strangers who share a love for kenya
    very sorry kenya for all your suffereing with the usa etc above.
    do you sing the sonf “heyaaa Kenyaaas” other there as we sing lots of british songs
    thanks again kenya for a help twoards my education

  5. Siani Medlock

    is cool and cooler than you skibbly boo bow
    skibbly boo bow
    i love kenya

  6. Trixie Plested

    skibbly boo bow
    Is this kenyan you speak?
    I like this new saying skibbly boo bow
    kenya you have bought me another wonderful thing 🙂
    i love you kenya
    p.s Trixie is cooler

  7. Siani Medlock created skibbly boo bow ha ha ha

    siani medlock created skibbly boo bow it is not on the mighty boosh harvey is a gay

  8. Jake hodge

    Trixie, Siani…be quiet!

    Siani no you didn’t creat skipply boo bow it was on the first series of the mighty boosh…

    P.S. Jake is coolest =]

  9. Siani Medlock

    Siani is offically COOL

  10. Siani Medlock

    Siani Medlock is just a small town girl, who’s living in a lonly world. she took the mid night train going anywhere. Yes

    Kenya is beast

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