The Importance of a Public Square

Yesterday I had the opportunity to witness an interesting public square standoff between an overzealous preacher and some teenagers professing an alternate deity — ,a certain Lord Kromdor. While the impromptu spectacle drew a measurable crowd, it sparked an interesting point of discussion.

I am a firm believer that we could utilize our Public Spaces better in America. I come from a culture where the public square is called “chowk” and the local police station is called “chowki” because there is a strong tradition of the common square being a platform for people to openly voice their opinions.

It saddens me to see beautiful public parks like the Union Square or the Justin Herman Plaza lay empty on a nice summer day. Now don’t get me wrong – I am no anarchist; Rather, world-over public squares are celebrated centers where cities come together to celebrate their very best – a space to celebrate our art, culture and music.

More about this as I research it further.

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