Moving green

Moving houses can be a very reflective experience. It signals new beginnings, new opportunities … and for many a fresh start. This weekend I spent a day helping a friend move into a new place – and after a full day of continuous lifting, packing and unpacking I came to many interesting observations.
  1. It helps to know what you are doing. Luckily for us, a neighbor decided to drop in to purchase a used couch and ended up helping us move in return for some spare change and a few nick-knacks. His experience as a professional mover cut down our work by half.
  2. It helps to have a big truck. Helps cut down on the number of trips so as to save on gas – I just wish they ran on Electric like UPS’s new Hybrid International Trucks.
  3. Moving is a very wasteful process. Yes it is. At every stage you find yourself questioning whether you need to upgrade that old tube tv to a flat screen plasma; those comfy couches for a leather set; or grandma’s old hand me down kitchen set for a new set from Crate and Barrel.
  4. Better planning makes moving easier. Grocery stores will give out cardboard boxes for free if you ask – they usually have them in the back so be a little patient; neighbours will gladly take any perishables you don’t want to haul away;
  5. Make lists – they help you remember the little things.
  6. If you rent, you almost have no say how you get your green power. None of the formidable options like solar panels, wind turbines are accesible for you. Think carbon offsets if thats an option.
  7. Unpacking is as hard … 😦

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