The Tata Nano – India’s $2500 car released

No it does not have a power stearing or electronic windows, or even a standard a.c/heat function but it does have a very agreeable sticker price. At INR 100,000 ($USD 2500) this little wonder is poised to re-energize the entry-level auto car industry, not just in India but globally.

For Ratan Tata, the company’s patriach – the challenge was to provide an affordable four-wheel transportation for the millions of first time buyers accustomed to getting around on two. While the Indian upper classes are snapping up roomier models and even imports like Mercedes-Benz, first-time buyers will provide a big chunk of growth for years to come.

The nano’s design engineers had to question every aspect of the cars lifecycle including the car’s internal machinery, with greater emphasis for the vehicle’s safety and longevity. For example, reducing the weight curbed material costs and enabled the company to use a cheaper engine; also the car runs on a continuous variable transmission, a lighter alternative to manual or automatic transmissions.

This micro-miracle is a four door, five seat hatch, and is powered by a 30 HP Bosch 624 cc four stroke engine (smaller than most motorcycles) mounted out back and mated to a CVT. That makes the Nano the first time a 2-cylinder gasoline engine will be used in a car with a single balancer shaft. The Nano’s also expected to get 54 US miles per gallon.

There is already talk about a 2010 launch in Europe and other markets – but it would be interesting to see if Ratan Tata and his team stop here. The Nano’s size and weight make it a perfect platform for an E-85 or LPG/CNG car.

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