a sad day for my Kenya !!

This post was going to be about how proud I am that Kenya has evolved as a democracy.

This post was going to about how proud I am that the election turn out rate was 70% and how people really started to believe they could change things through democracy rather than violence.

This was about how Kenya had transitioned from a Police State to a truly transparent and confident democracy – where the greater good overpowered petty tribal politics.

This was going to be about how Kenya had transitioned into a participatory democracy where mobile phones were a buzz reminding everyone to vote – how bars and local bus services insisted you show your purple finger before they served you on election day.

This election was going to be all about how transparency reigned through new media. The Kenyan blogosphere was abuzz all night with up to the minute updates and was very careful on not to report any rumors – thanks Ory of KenyaPundit and Chris of Kumukucha. The blogosphere picked up when the old guard clamped down on regular media to declare the incumbent a winner despite all accounts otherwise.

Sadly, this is a post about none of the above — despite all the best intentions of the Kenyan people the old guard Kibaki has blatantly rigged the elections in his favor. The Electoral commission of Kenya went into lock down mode and clamped down all media before swearing in the incumbent. Despite all indications that Amolo Raila Odinga was on path to win the elections by a narrow but undisputable margin – Kibaki and his cronies pulled ahead by 200,000 votes in the last 12hrs with some constituencies showing a voter turnout of 140%.

Kibaki has failed Kenya – a Kenya that handed him power peacefully in 02 deserves better. The common people of Kenya deserve better – Africa deserves better. At a time when all disputes are settled by skirmishes in Africa, Kenya was on the right path showing its resolve to democracy.

I look to the leaders of the world and hope they condemn such a blatant disregard for the will of the people – Africa needs to believe in Democracy. Kenya showed an unyielding resolve for change through democracy and it will be a sad day if violence trumps the ballot.

May God be with my Kenya ..

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