Brad Pitt, rebuilding New Orleans & Green tech

I was flipping aimlessly through channels last night (damn you … writers strike) and I came across an interesting bit on Larry King about actor Brad Pitt and his regeneration project for hurricane Katrina-ravaged New Orleans. The project is aptly names “Make it right NOLA”

Pitt commissioned 13 architectural firms, some from as far away as Europe and South Africa, to produce houses that would incorporate solar power and other environmentally sound designs to rebuild 150 homes in the Lower 9th Ward. The design calls for five single-family homes, an apartment building and community center – all built with features such as energy-saving appliances, cisterns, toilets designed for water conservation, soy-based insulation, paperless drywall and solar panels.

I am a huge fan of opportunity based learning, and I strongly believe that such an experiment not only helps the forgotten people of New Orleans rebuild their lives, but gives green tech enthusiasts a platform to showcase how a greener sustainable community can benefit an economy.

Go to to donate to this project and find out more.

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