Manual lawn mowers are making a comeback

Manual lawn mowers, are making a comeback and are being pushed around more yards all over the country. According to buyers and sellers, the resurgence of these quaint reminders of yester year is due can be attributed to a number of reasons, most notably:
  1. Growing environmental concerns exp. among women. Headlines about global warming, pollution and vanishing natural resources have people — and not just those wearing Birkenstocks — making changes.
  2. The mower also is appealing because it is inexpensive — around $200 — and so simple. Two out of three people buying manual mowers were female. A number of women interviewed said that they valued the simplicity of the machines.
  3. More and more people are finding they don’t need a power mower because they have less lawn to mow.
  4. Most users loved the useful exercise.
Here is toward green gardening and a greener lifestyle …

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