Book Reading: Sacred Games, by Vikram Chandra

On Friday, Jan 12th, 2007 I attended a book reading at Books Inc by Vikram Chandra, a Bay Area author & UC Berkeley lecturer. Vikram was there to discuss his new epic novel “Sacred Games“.

Sacred Games, is a 928 page turner about friendship, betreyal, love and violence, set in a magnificently complex city Mumbai that has as many hues and moods as the colorful characters that headline in the book. “Bombay, is as much a character in the book as Inspector Sartaj Singh or the underworld Don, Ganesh Gaitonde”, Vikram established at the beginning of his reading.

Vikram draws a godfatheresque picture that is reminescent of 1940’s Chicago, but with an eastern Bollywood twist. The interesting thing about the characters the author draws on, is that they are incessantly indistinguishable, whether they be policemen on gang lords. The “thin khakhi line” that separates society from its perpetuators is at best hazy in mordern day Mumbai. This unnerving complexity makes Sacred Games an excellent read.

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