A world of happiness mapped :)

Adrian White from the University of Leicester in the UK used the responses of 80,000 people worldwide to map out subjective wellbeing. Denmark came top, followed closely by Switzerland and Austria. The UK ranked 41st. Zimbabwe and Burundi came bottom.

The survey concluded that a nation’s level of happiness was most closely associated with health levels. Wealth and education were the next strongest determinants of national happiness. To back that up, a recent BBC survey found that 81% of the population think the government should focus on making us happier rather than wealthier …

How the nations ranked on the “world map of happiness” :

  • 1st – Denmark
  • 2nd – Switzerland
  • 3rd – Austria
  • 4th – Iceland
  • 5th – The Bahamas
  • 23rd – USA
  • 41st – UK
  • 90th – Japan
  • 178th – Burundi

Happiness map (146KB)

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