Time Cover June 26, 2006: INDIA INC.

Bombay’s Boom (World / India Inc.) Brash, messy and sexy, India’s biggest city embodies the nation’s ambition. How Bombay is shaping India’s future–and our own

Hooray for Bollywood (World / India Inc.) With Americans embracing our culture, can Indians like me keep it real?

India Awakens (World / India Inc.) Fueled by high-octane growth, the world’s largest democracy is becoming a global power. Why the world will never be the same

My Lost World (World / India Inc.) On a return to his provincial hometown, the author discovers how wealth is uprooting tradition and transforming India’s way of life

How to Ride the Elephant (World / India Inc.) Indian stocks have taken a tumble. But here’s why the country’s long-term prospects remain bright–for Indians and investors

In search of the Next Bangalore (World / India Inc.)

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