Immigrant America

America has seen spectacular growth in the last 100 years due to its ingenuity and the entrepreneur spirit. This phenomenal grown has largely been fuelled by an influx of much needed immigrant population at various points in time. From the tired and prosecuted to the hungry and penniless of the world – America has been a refuge for immigrants and is built on the endearing spirit of hope.

Migrant populations flourished in the new land ever since Christopher Columbus set foot on the Plymouth Rock. Ever since then, any new wave of immigrants is welcomed with a dissenting skepticism. The Italians, Irish, Eastern Europeans, Germanic Mormons and now Mexicans and Latina’s were always dragged into the immigration debate. The Latin population is different though – they have shown be resilient when it comes to shedding their Latina heritage and “adopt” the classical American identity.

This begs the question – Is being American an expression of homogeneous acculturation or is it an embracement of a spirit and a set of common values. The immigrant populations have different customs and ethnicities but share in the American dream. They bring to this country a strong work ethic and an endearing spirit that has helped revitalize our nation. Some of our greatest sons and daughters were immigrants or 2nd generation migrants carrying forward a strong ethos.

America is truly the world’s first world’s first true global society – it would be a sad day when we ask migrants to check in their identity at the door and adapt an insipid commonality. This would alienate a large population of hard working migrants that are necessary to power our economic engine and that keep our society vibrant.

These are my 2 cents …

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