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Africa’s greatest predicament is how it will raise its people above the poverty line. Empowering a battered generation is a gargantuan task, further complicated by the constant threat of famines and wars that have afflicted this strikingly beautiful continent in the last century. It is no surprise then, that politicians globally have an apathetic view of Africa’s future. Nevertheless there have been some prolific strides taken towards this goal in the last few years. One such interesting development is the noble quest for free primary education.

A number of newly elected governments such as Kenya, Mozambique etc have come to power promising free and compulsory primary education for all their citizens. Thankfully, this is a promise they have managed to keep. It is not surprising that parents have come out in droves to enroll their students in schools with a hope that they will secure a brighter future. Classes are filled to the brim all over Kenya, with children eager to learn.

One such inspiring pupil is Mzee Kimani Nganga Maruge. Mzee is 84 and was once Mau Mau fighter for Kenya’s Independence. On the first day of school, Mzee Maruge stood with his peers to enroll at Kapkenduiywa Primary School in Eldoret, Kenya. Never before had he had the chance to read and write. In September, 2005, Mzee Kamene made a special trip to New York City address the United Nations Millennium Development Summit on the importance of free primary education. The UN held this conference to emphasize that education is key to development , as it has social and economic benefits which help break the cycle of poverty. Mzee Muruge was accompanied by his head teacher, Jane Obinchu. Here is more …

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