Faith Powered Supply-Chain Management

An interesting article on BBC talks about how a temple in India delivers 15000 coconuts daily for its rituals. Coconuts are common offerings during Hindu religious ceremonies and are used for initiation and inauguration rituals.

The Devotees of Maa Tarini temples in Orissa, have a creative and ingenious and elaborate system in place. “It’s a religious courier service without any parallel in India,” says Gurcharan Singh, secretary of the temple administration.

This free courier service relies on a network of collection boxes on roads , other temples, passenger buses and devotees simply carrying the fruit to the temple. Hold a coconut in your hand on a highway in Orissa and the next bus will surely stop to pick it up to take it to the temple Even if the bus is on a different route, the driver will make sure to drop the coconuts in a collection box en route or pass them on to a bus headed for Ghatgaon.

What drives this unique, yet innovative Supply Chain? Faith. The drivers believe that carrying the coconuts to the deity ensures a safe journey – stories of bus drivers who failed to pick up coconuts from devotees and met with engine failures or accidents are commonplace.

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2 responses to “Faith Powered Supply-Chain Management

  1. Anonymous

    For a really good example of supply-chain done you need to check out articles on the dabba-waala’s of bombay who work with utmost precision. No recorded theories used, no management consultants employed. Yet the system works like clockwork – and has been for the past 50 odd years.
    Google for it and read it.

  2. Really good site, where did you come up with the info in this blog post? I’m glad I found it though, ill be checking back soon to see what other articles you have.

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