“Today, Mr. President, we have made history”

“Today, Mr. President, we have made history”, was how Mr. Manmohan Singh expressed his delight to his visiting dignitary, Mr. George W. Bush, and the barrage of media.

India and the U.S have signed a landmark nuclear deal that would ease the US Civilian Nuclear Technology to an energy deficient India. In exchange, the US administration demanded that India separate its civilian and military nuclear programs. If ratified by the US Congress, the controversial deal would give India access to nuclear fuel and technology, including reactors.

The deal marks a new dawn in Indo-US relations.


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2 responses to ““Today, Mr. President, we have made history”

  1. Otpreka Singh

    please view the video on my bush post in my blog, i believe that india and usa are only in it for economic benefit and are morally dead

  2. Anonymous

    Otpreka Singh:
    So, which nation makes deals purely out of altruistic feelings? You fail to understand that if there is economic benefit for both countries, the people of both countries eventually benefit.

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