"24" kicks off on Fox tonight

Kiefer Sutherland, the superhero of Fox’s “24”, is back as Jack Bauer, a controversial US federal agent who, over the last four years – one day at a time – has saved humanity from terrorists, beaten confessions out of close friends, battled heroin addiction, discovered his murdered wife’s body, and, last year, even faked his own death. All with little regard for himself.
Until now, Sutherland has only subtly allowed the stress of selflessly saving the world to show on Bauer’s boyish face. This season, however, besides being cranky, our clean-cut action hero is looking downright disheveled. After four seasons of non-stop action and a growing audience, “24” starts up its fifth season with a two-night, four-part marathon on Jan. 15 (Sunday and Monday, 8 o’clock, EST), with the suggestion that it may be better than ever. “

Source: “24” kicks off new season, Bauer is alive

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