Katrina — A thought

New Orleans. A city known for its Jazz filled lazy ambience, tonight gains notoriety in the world for a dismal reason. The beautiful streets of New Orleans are filled with desperation and sadness. Hurricane Katrina has caused unparallel mayhem and havoc leaving the city in shambles. Thousands of people wade through its flooded streets aimlessly in search of hope and human compassion … yet help seems a distant ways away.

At a time like this, millions of Americans huddle by their T.V screens unsure how to react. These scenes seem almost surreal. Over the years, we have learned to live with such images. A cry for help is almost always distant enough in some far away third world country to comfortably bury deep into our conscience. Unfortunately, these scenes are a cry from within our borders.

As our politicians and relief organizations gather their resources we must question the apathetic attitude with which we have learned to deal with human tragedy. Human suffering is universal. The world understands our helplessness and tragedy and prays with us. All they ask for, is a compassionate thought when tragedy strikes their lands… be it New Orleans or Sudan.

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